40-Day Immersion Package 

40 is a sacred number of transformation and it has forever symbolized a preparation time
for a spiritual rebirth.
Coaching is your commitment to you 

To Remember the Beauty of You,

the Beauty of Knowing You,

and the Beauty of Being You!

Cost is $777

  • During our 40-days together we will meet once a week via Zoom (6 times)
  • Our first session will be 2 hours and we will do a deep dive – discovering your desires, your gifts, and your blocks.
  • Your subsequent sessions will be 1 hour, and you will continue to build and expand your horizons.
  • You will receive a hard copy of my workbook, The Million Dollar Babe Project that we will use during our 40 days together.
  • During each week you will receive an Action packed and encouraging email from me to keep you focused and on track.
  • unlimited emergency email communication with Colleen.

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