The Million Dollar babe Project 

is a sacred creation for you,

by you, and through you

 to feel  EMPOWERED and  VALUED for who you are . . . today!

 (you know . . . not waiting for the proverbial someday to feel good about yourself)

Identify with being valuable 

The Million Dollar Babe Project is not about  the money, it's about YOU . . .

discovering within you, your value and courageously expressing your value in the world.


 light a fire in your soul

 Allow your inner fire to burn away the energetic hand-me-downs  of poverty mentality.  

 Commit to  freeing yourself  from self-imposed  limitations.

Step into the bigness of your light 

No more timid tiptoeing, playing small, or apologizing for who you are.

Focus on your assets (your strengths, inner resources, and gifts)


 "The Million Dollar Babe Project will help you appreciate the value of your greatest asset - YOU!"   

-MARCI SHIMOFF, New York Times bestselling author of, Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason