Dear God,

I am ready to venture into the new. I am ready to experience the mysterious, the beautiful and the holiness of who I am. I no longer want to remain a mystery to myself, living without the spark of life ignited to the full flame of glory. I no longer want to quiver in my soul shoes hiding in the shadow of my soul’s brilliance. I am ready to fully embrace who I am. God, I pray for the courage I need to explore the unknown vastness of . . . Read More

You can trust your heart. You know this. But there are times that we allow our ego to lull us into a forgetting and we fall off the wagon hitched to our heart. We become so preoccupied with figuring things out through analysis, that we end up in a loop of confusion and the gentle tug of our heart gets ignored. And even though something might feel off, we allow our ego to trump our heart.  We ignore the subtle uneasiness in our heart and we make our decision from fear not . .  . Read More

When my oldest son was 4 years old he believed he was superman. And why wouldn’t he? He had the cape to prove it, and he did move faster than a speeding bullet. One day, donning his superman cape with the large red S on it, he flew by me with his heart a blazin’ and said, “Mom! I’m running so fast my spirit’s behind my body!”

 He left me, his hurried and scurried mother, standing motionless in his  trail of truth.  When did my little man become so wise?

In our desiring to “Save the world” and you know to be a superhero . . . Read More

My dad used to say, “When the wheels start turning, the dogs start barking.” 

But what happens when the barking comes from within? When the dogs of fear and unworthiness start nipping at our heels? When the winds of change are blowin’, even those dogs that we thought we had trained sufficiently can start  barking again. 

So why is that? Why can change have such a charge for us?  

I have found with change and new adventures comes expansiveness. And until we can fully embrace and move into our new more expansive “real estate” things feel strange, our own voice echoes in the larger space and can frighten us. And when we don’t feel at home we tend to want to crawl under . . . read more


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