My dad used to say, “When the wheels start turning, the dogs start barking.” 

But what happens when the barking comes from within? When the dogs of fear and unworthiness start nipping at our heels? When the winds of change are blowin’, even those dogs that we thought we had trained sufficiently can start barking again. 

So why is that? Why can change have such a charge for us?  

I have found with change and new adventures comes expansiveness. And until we can fully embrace and move into our new more expansive “real estate” things feel strange and even our own voice echoing in the larger space can frighten us. And when we don’t feel at home, we tend to want to crawl under . . . the covers of our insecurity to feel safe again, which gives us an illusion of control. 

Control breeds impatience and impatience breeds fear and fear drags us into the slums of the emotions. But when we choose a power move, when we move into love, (for love is trust and trust is love) we choose to move into a completely different neighborhood and we find ourselves in the penthouse of emotions. And then the valley below transforms into a spectacular, unobstructed view reminding us of how far we have come.

So how do we, “Resolve to Evolve”, in the words of Michael Beckwith, from fear to love? Below are a few things that I do and that I like to teach my clients when we're in the clutches of fear:

1. PRAY. I pray! I call on the assistance of heaven, God, my angels, my guides, my helpers. I send a SOS to the heavenly realm for a rocket booster of love to launch me out of the world of fear.

2. COMMAND. I command my soul to take charge by saying, “I know who I AM” and allow myself to click back into alignment.

3. QUESTION. I use the question, "Who is that?" and ask myself if I'm standing in front of the mirror, "Who is that radiant, confident woman standing in front of the mirror?"  and I respond, "I am, I am that radiant, confident woman standing in front of the mirror. I am." Say it again and again. Just keep saying it as you feel yourself embody what you are claiming. You can use it as you are driving to an interview, "Who is this radiant, confident woman driving to an interview?"  and answer, "I am, I am this radiant, confident woman driving to the interview. I am."  Change radiantly confident for whatever quality you are trying to embody.  It is powerful tool! Try it and let me know how it works for you!

 4. LAUGH. I laugh at my tendency to forget and I grab my fear by it’s tail of emotion to find out what thought is at its head. You can rest assured if negative thoughts are lurking it will leave a trail of fear.  And I dispel fear's illusion of power with laughter. Oh! us silly mortals.  I’ve realized it is really only a thought that is holding me in fear. Really if you think on that, that it is a thought that is holding me in fear. That thought alone is so ludicrous it is laughable. The only power that fear holds is the power that I give it. I am master of this mind of mine.

5. MUSIC.  There is nothing like music with inspirational lyrics to help lift us out of fear.  One of my favorite fear busters is the Contemporary Christian song: Fear is a Liar.  

5. BREATHE. I do deep breathing with an audible out breath to cleanse my system and stir up the power that resides within me.

© Copyright ColleenLaukka