You can trust your heart. You know this.

But there are times that we allow our ego to lull us into a forgetting and we fall off the wagon hitched to our heart.

We become so preoccupied with figuring things out through analysis, that we end up in a loop of confusion, and the gentle tug of our heart gets ignored.

And even though something might feel off, we allow our ego to trump our heart. We ignore the subtle uneasiness in our heart, and we make our decision from fear not . . .love. 

In the process we fall off our heart wagon.  We begin to accumulate mud on our shoes until finally we trip and hit our shin on a jagged rock and twist our ankle.

We then find our self on a path that we can no longer walk down, without pain. So, we climb back into the safety and ease of our heart wagon. As we recover and survey our past choices, we smile at our desperate attempts to make things fit in our life. We remember that the soft nudging of our heart had earlier said, "no" but we chose to ignore it.

“But what if”, the mind said, “You never know”, “Just try, what is the harm of exploring this choice?”   Even though we don’t feel right about it, even though something feels off.

Following your heart isn’t about perfection, because truly there are no perfect choices.  For every choice we make, can have good consequences and bad consequences.  The so called “right” choice could come bearing some challenges. And the so called “bad” choice could come bearing some gifts.

Yet, there are choices that lead us more easily on the trajectory of our soul path and there are choices that lead us on the trajectory to more struggle. 

Nonetheless, I have learned that in the end, there are truly no mistakes, just detours and lessons learned.  Life continues to offer us choices and confronts us with decisions.   We can choose the easy way or the hard way.  Both are valid choices.   Both come bearing gifts.

The more choices we make, the more wisdom we gain and, in the end, we learn that sometimes we're not ready and our soul is calling in another round of lessons, to get us ready.  It’s all good and as we embrace the perfection of our imperfection, we round up our wagon for a needed rest. We find ourself at a plateau, a place of calm, a stretch of expanse that allows us to view with crystal clarity lessons learned, the energies we are ready to release and a renewed remembering that, YES I CAN TRUST MY HEART!

Our heart is always trying to take us on the path that is the most fulfilling, the path that will bring us the most happiness.

Choose to make your decisions from the high point of love. Get yourself in a connected, expansive energy before you say YES or NO.

Learn what your YES! feels like and learn what your NO! feels like. 

Here are my favorite questions to ask myself when making decisions:

  1.  How do I feel?  Does my choice make me feel contracted? or expansive? 
  2. Am I making this decision from fear or love?
  3. Am I ignoring any red flags and doing a spiritual bypass?  
  4. Am I being honest with myself? Am I listening to what I really know?
  5. Will this decision honor my heart, my path, and my soul? 

Trust your Heart, no matter how many times you fall off the wagon, get back on, for it knows the way!

© Copyright ColleenLaukka