Dear God,

I am ready to venture into the new. I am ready to experience the mysterious, the beautiful and the holiness of who I am. I no longer want to remain a mystery to myself, living without the spark of life ignited to the full flame of glory. I no longer want to quiver in my soul shoes hiding in the shadow of my soul’s brilliance. I am ready to fully embrace who I am. God, I pray for the courage I need to explore the unknown vastness of . . . my own soul. 

"Awake my child and take on My Glory, and I shall abide in you and you in me."

With trust I take a deep breath and plunge heart first from the crest of my ego into the velvety darkness of my soul.

Is there a beginning or an end to this darkness I wonder?

The vast pool of nothingness swirls around me and seems to swallow me whole. The canopy of the ego is slowing my descent and entangling me in fear. I open my eyes but cannot see. “Am I alone? Is there anyone there?” I cry out for light as I am suspended in the darkness. A cradle of stars appears through the blanket of darkness and calms my fears and rocks the expanse of emptiness within. The gifts of the darkness begin to emerge, as the light of my goodness is no longer blinding me, revealing to me what is ready to be healed and released.

Illumined by the embrace of peace, I fearlessly release the strings to the ego, I take another deep breath and enjoy a free fall of complete abandonment into the vast expanse of joy that is within me. A kaleidoscope of delights swirl about and I desire nothing more than to be lost in the moment. No matter which way I turn there is nothing but beauty before my eyes. I take my breath away. My mind is filled with awe as I remove my shoes; for I have entered the holy of holies, the Promised Land of my soul.

© Copyright ColleenLaukka