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Be great in act, as you have been in thought.

~William Shakespeare


Hello Noble Woman!

This Shakespeare quote showed up on my daily calendar yesterday, on the very day I was writing in my journal about “knowing this stuff” you know, that I am Divine and I am made from the same stuff as the sun and the moon.

I, as I’m sure you do, have a firm and unshakable knowing that I am Divine.  I know this down to the core of my being. I think about, I write about it, I meditate on it, and I gather in circles of women to discuss it. 

Yet . . . how often do I live differently than I know?

  • How often are my fears larger than my dreams?

  • How often do I hold back my light?

  • How often do I find myself bowing to financial limitations?

Can you relate here? 

Well, my dear soul sister, if you’re still breathing on this planet I’m sure you’ve had moments of disconnect – you know separation from your truth – when your knowing and your being aren’t united.

On my walk this morning, mulling over this very thing, I heard, “God, isn’t asking for you to strive for “perfection” but is asking for you to shift your “perception”.

The inspiration was like a gentle rain falling on my parched desire to be whole.  Like a sunbeam casting a magical glow through the streaked window of my intense striving and tenderly dancing upon my heart.



Ahhh my struggles and my striving and my heart’s most desire to be whole

  my window of perception, it was like a  It is not striving it is remembering.  Like Deepak has said, “Separation is not necessarily a fall from grace, but from who you really are.”


So instead of striving for perfection  we are being asked to shift our perception.


The truth of my being into the being of my truth.

Turn your knowing into your being.



Have you experienced knowing something yet acting differently?