You are Never Alone

No, Never alone

Dear One,   We are right here doodling graffiti of light upon the inner workings of your being. We doodle hearts upon your thighs, roses on your cheeks, and a crown upon your head.  We are always here, leaving you messages.  You are never alone, no, never alone. The messages are clear, you hear them, and wonder could it be?  You begin to believe and become giddy as a child full of wonder and delight and yet as soon as you step into the "real world" you begin to doubt, and your energy wanes and you become lost in the illusion once again.  The magic is all around you.  It encircles you like the perimeter of a snow globe; it falls effortlessly and with such grace when your world seems to be turned upside down.  Its gentle melody plays softly as you turn the golden key and still, you stand as an inanimate object failing to understand the power of your music and the grace that lies within YOU. You are being asked to pay attention to that which you are denying yourself. There is more coming in around you than you are allowing yourself to receive.  Believe and bring forward that which is yours to do. It is important to do that.  I would suggest some journaling to self, spontaneous writing, sitting in meditation, go for a walk in nature.  Take advantage of what is around you now, for you have some beautiful helpers who want to talk to you. 

© Copyright ColleenLaukka