Calling Upon Your Heart

A bejeweled ornament 

You have a calling on your heart.  It is a beautiful haunting melody that is stirring the embers of your fire.  A bejeweled ornament hanging from the tree of your sacred life.  As you say to yourself, "I will allow myself to fulfill the calling upon my heart"  your mind, then kicks in and you think, "Will I? Will I allow myself to fulfill this calling?"  Do you feel the palpable difference between the two? Can you feel the energetic discord in the second?  Did you feel your heart get heavy when you asked yourself, the "Will I?" question?  It was fraught with the history of disappointment and failure.  Disappointment is just forgetting that failures are just a string of learning along the way. You can't bring the old energy into your new territory and expect it to support you. Let go of the past. Rise up noble woman and free yourself to be yourself.

© Copyright ColleenLaukka