What Energy . . .

are you practicing right now?

What is the energy you are swirling in and around your heart right now? It is not  only an  empowered question - it is the key to empowerment!  For whatever energy you are swirling, you are practicing. And what is practice?  It is the actual application of an idea. And what does practice do?  It forms your life! Whatever we are practicing we are witnessing.

Right now your heart is desiring that you practice compassion - for it is what you most need right now.  Compassion opens a portal of connection and allows your heart to relax and your eyes to see clearly! Imagine a golden flower of love with a sacred flame in the middle, encircling your heart.  This flower comes as a cleanser, its purifying petals filling you with tenderness . . . for you, your life and your journey ahead.  Remember your heart is in your hands.  It is you that tenderly watches over it.  It is you that surrounds it with energy. It is you that chooses to open to life or not.  It is you that awakens the flame of the Divine in the spaces between the spaces.  Practice compassion and see your world clearly and watch your world unfold.

© Copyright ColleenLaukka