You are a Wise One,

A Sage, a wisdom keeper

You are a wise one, a sage, a wisdom keeper.  You have stormed the gates of heaven and arrived in paradise.  Your legacy is to share in God's knowledge and glory that it may dwell more fully upon the earth.  It is time to fill the measure of your creation.  You have been baptized by fire, you have died to the old and quickened once again to your pristine condition and higher.  So, wise one . . . why are you holding it so tight?  Trust in the Divine light that dwells within you.  Trust in your legacy of light.  Move with great confidence in the direction you are being guided.  Every step you take will bring you to the next.  There is no need to fear, you are being guided and things will unfold as you continue to move forward and at the pace that your soul is comfortable with. 

© Copyright ColleenLaukka