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Hello Beautiful One,

Take a load off and sit with me awhile beside the still waters.  Let's light a fire and warm our weary bones as I ask, "How are you?" . . . Really, deep within the chambers of your heart . . . 

Are you happy?

Life has an astonishing ability to break our hearts wide open.

       (And that's actually a good thing - although our feelings can deny that!)

For life in all of it's benevolence is working to introduce us to none other than ourselves - so we can discover what we are actually made of.

***You know all that starry stuff of the Universe and all***

If you're reading this you are probably what I call a wildflower, a woman who ignores convention and boldly follows the leading's of her soul (yet, not always)  which can lead you down paths that you wish you never entered.  A big sigh!  Yet through it all you have learned, you have grown and daily you are building the muscles of trust in yourself, trust in your God and trust in your dreams. 

For you are a courageous and spirit driven woman. You take this spirit "stuff" seriously.

You are a force to be reckoned with.  

You are being drawn deeper into yourself and have an inner knowing that you are ready to say yes to something bigger than you've ever let yourself experience.

Life has called you by name and you have answered the call.

                       If you could use some support in figuring out how to continue on this new path before you . . .then let's chat!

or maybe you find yourself trying to once again find your bearings,  dust yourself off and reignite your belief in you and restore your enthusiasm for life . . .