If you could use some assistance in trusting yourself more - then coaching could be right for you.

“The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit.” ~Rumi

As spiritual beings we find it easy to trust in a benevolent force, some call it God, some The Divine, etc.

but sometimes trusting ourselves can be another story.

We can easily forget who we are,

yet . . .

***spoiler alert*** 

if we don't trust our innate power and our abilities 

we're really not trusting the Benevolence that created us.

If you find yourself thinking thoughts of lack, limitation and unworthiness  . . . then coaching could be right for you. 

        Through experience I've discovered that our mind is never going to tell us that were  ready to . . . ____________________________________ (fill in the blank)

and by golly the world  is never going to step up to the plate and give us permission to

____________________________________ (fill in the blank)  

Only You can do that

Wouldn't it feel great to release judgment about yourself,

to toss out yesterday's newsprint

And Light a Fire in Your Soul!

 Signing up for coaching is a  commitment to  freeing yourself  from self-imposed  limitations,

burning away the energetic hand-me-downs of yesterday's thinking

And stepping into the Bigness of Your Light

                                        No more hiding in the shadow of your soul's brilliance,                                     

no more timid tiptoeing, playing small or apologizing for who you are.

You've been COMMISSIONED (to give POWER and AUTHORITY to) . . .by God . . .

to share your gifts with the world

 You were born fully equipped!

Stake a claim in the center of the land of your soul,

discover your gold

and live as the

Embodiment of Blessings that You Are.