Colleen Laukka

Builder of Souls

"Many* are called but few have the courage to follow the call."

Colleen Laukka is an intuitive and Spiritual Coach who works with heart centered women entrusting them with an unquestioning belief in the power of their true self, the wisdom of their heart, and the sacredness of their journey.

Whether you are working with her one-on-one, listening to her speak live, or reading her book, The Million Dollar Babe Project - she honors your divine intelligence. 

She knows that you know and will hold up a mirror of infinite dimensions so you can reflect on and appreciate the value of you; the value of loving you, and the value of being you.

She's been gifted with the ability to help you find what she calls "your source code,"  together you identify and debug your negative programming and identify and open to your gifts.  This process allows you to banish self-doubt, step into your light, and share your gifts/value with the world.

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul and bring forth the treasure that is you, the treasures that are yours? 

Contact Colleen.

She'll nourish your seeds of inspiration, nurture your genius, and align you with your purpose.

From Colleen's earliest recollections she has always been passionate about all things spiritual, mystical, and fanciful and is a Jesus lover extraordinaire.

(*like All of us!)