Soul Blessings

Soul Blessing is for you if you are at a time where you could use some comfort to calm your mind and relax into your soul - remembering how loved and supported you are - right here & right now. 

 For your soul wants nothing more than for you to feel empowered and valued for who you are today – not waiting for that “someday” when you have reached the pinnacle of success.

In a Soul Blessing your Soul offers me an image and then uses the image to weave a message to awaken you to the opportunity/purpose of this very moment in your life.

The primary intention of a Soul Blessing is to offer you a chance to rise and look at you and your circumstances in a new way.

Soul Blessing is not a fortune telling or a prediction of your future life. A Soul Blessing is a powerful tool of healing to open you to the spaciousness of Spirit so YOU can have access to more of what you need to fulfill your potential. 

A Soul Blessing has a two-fold purpose:                  to deliver a Message & offer a Healing

With a 30 Minute phone Soul Blessing/Healing you bring your intention of healing and your soul brings forth a message.  During the call you are being held in the light of love and the power of prayer.  We Invite Spirit to flow in rich abundance to flood any areas of constriction in your mind or body that are inhibiting you in any form.

It is the beautiful dance of Spirit that does the healing work and your soul, the conduit to the Divine, that brings forth a message.  This can all be done remotely. For Spirit knows no time or space.

When it is over I will send you an electronic recording of your Soul Blessing for you to cherish and listen to again.

With a 30 Minute phone Soul Blessing/Healing it is of the utmost importance that we set a time, where you can be alone and undisturbed. (turn off all beeps and buzzes) It is important that you make this time sacred to get the benefit of the healing portion of the Soul Blessing.

Gift Yourself with a Soul Blessing $97

This can all be done from the comfort of your home.  For Spirit knows no time or space. 

Contact me and we  will set time aside for your Soul Blessing.  

I would be honored to part of your Soul’s journey into remembering wholeness.

Loving You, From one Noble Woman to Another