Spiritual Coaching Packages


40-Day Immersion Package 

Wouldn't it feel great to stop judging yourself?

 & Awaken the Sleeping Beauty Within

Imagine a more compassionate you, a you that looks at you with tenderness.  A you that feels empowered and valued for who you are RIGHT NOW, not for who you should be or could be one day! 

Wouldn't it feel great to break free from self-imposed limitations?

& Share your Gifts with the World

Imagine a you that is no longer hiding in the shadows of her soul's brilliance and playing small - a woman that sees and feels herself COMMISSIONED - given POWER and AUTHORITY by God to do that thing she is being called to do.

Can you imagine it?

 A You that is Standing in Your Ancient Beauty

 Awakening your ancient beauty is a process that does not happen overnight, yet it begins with making a commitment to YOU to liberate yourself from past stories.  It requires you to be courageous enough to finallyfree yourself, to be yourself - in all of your imperfections and in all of your beauty, in all of your struggles and in all of your grace. 

Coaching is your commitment to you to

 Remember the Beauty of You, the Beauty of Knowing You, and the Beauty of Being You!

                                                        (See details & pricing)

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